Britney Fan Busted for Making a Move Onstage

03 May 2009 |

When your tour is called Circus, anything can happen.

An overzealous fan stormed the stage at Britney Spears' concert last night at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut and attempted to dance with the 27-year-old pop star.

Britney was performing her hit "Womanizer" as an encore when 20-year-old Kyle King from Orlando, Fla., snuck past security barriers and got thisclose to her.

Backup dancers and security were able to pull him away before he made contact, but Brit-Brit was visibly shaken.

A detective with the Connecticut State Police confirms that King was arrested for breach of peace and release on $250 cash bond. He is expected at Norwich Superior Court on June 18.

After getting the boot on The Celebrity Apprentice, it looks like Dennis Rodman's next venture will be a familiar one: rehab.

The former NBA star, who has battled addiction for years, has agreed to enter an outpatient program where he'll regularly see a counselor.

While it is a step in the right direction, last week family and friends of Rodman, including his former Los Angeles Lakers coach, Phil Jackson, unsuccessfully reached out to the star, who refused to admit himself to an inpatient facility.

"Yes, they tried an intervention, but unfortunately Dennis refused to go," Rodman's rep tells E! News. "We all know how amazing he is when sober and we hope he gets there soon."

One reason for his refusal to go into treatment? Rodman's desire to attend The Celebrity Apprentice reunion show. Says his rep, "He will be in New York City for the show's finale next Sunday."