It seems Ashley Tisdale has decided to play it fast this time and take some help from the paps to publicize her new love affair (with music video director Scott Speer). Though Hollywood TV is claiming that the paps caught Ashley kissing the guy, I’m having a feeling that the whole episode was staged. By the way, what was Scott trying to do by sitting like a lame duck instead of driving away?! Is it just me or was he actually buying time for the paps to click Ashley face front? Anyway, Scott has proved that he can steer really well! I hope you got the message, Jared.


Showbiz Gossip Information GatewayKRISTEN BELL's mother beamed with pride when the star appeared on the New York stage - but was horrified to see her dressed up as a dominatrix.
The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star appeared in the sexy role in the 2001 off-Broadway production of Reefer Madness, and her dedicated mother Lori attended as many shows as she could.
But Lori often found herself excusing her daughter's daring costume to those sat around her.
Bell says, "I had to dress up in a dominatrix outfit and my mother is still in denial about it. When my mum came to see it, she'd spend her whole time whispering to the people next to her, 'That's my daughter up there, but she's not really like that'.
"I was in some latexy jumpsuit and high-heeled boots and, to be quite frank, when you're up on stage under those bright lights the suit doesn't smell too great by the end of the evening.
"Added to that, I couldn't handle the whip at all and kept hitting people nearby, so I was a legitimately scary dominatrix. Believe me, there's nothing sexy about a clumsy girl wielding a whip."

Lindsay Lohan needs to choose her friends ... and her clubs more carefully, cause she just got thrown under the rehab bus.

Lindsay spent what she thought would be a private evening this weekend at Prive nightclub at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Vegas --until the club fired off a gratuitous press release, allegedly exposing her relapse.

In the release, the club buried this item -- "Mel [B] was drinking Merlot and Lindsay asked for a Vodka drink mixed with soda water and a splash of cranberry."

It squarely contradicts Lindsay's outburst last week, when she said "I don't drink...a**hole."

With friends -- and clubs -- like this ... 

daylight-dreaming.blogspot.comMARIAH CAREY and NICK CANNON are gearing up to make their first wedding anniversary a party to be proud of - the pair is planning a lavish Las Vegas blow-out for the special day.
The couple stunned the world when they slipped away to the Hero hitmaker's Bahamian estate to tie the knot last April (08) after just weeks of dating.
But the duo is keen to show they are stronger than ever after a year as husband and wife - and plan to do it in style.
According to E! reporter Marc Malkin, Carey and Cannon are holding a late night bash on the 30 April (09) at Sin City's Palms' Moon nightclub - exactly a year after their shock nuptials.