Miley Cyrus Exposed!

13 September 2009 |

According to Miley Cyrus wildly-successful acting/singing occupation is existence blamed for a perturbation in her parents’ marriages.

Miley’s care Tish and junior siblings are allegedly bushed of the vocaliser “stealing” tending from kinsfolk man Billy Ray, who spends such of his instance motion with the 16-year-old superstar and recording episodes of her impact filmmaker program Hannah Montana.

“Tish is bushed of Billy Ray not existence at home,” a tattling advisor near to the kinsfolk reveals in the Sept. 14 supply of The National Examiner. “All summer, patch the kids were discover of school, Billy Ray wasn’t around. It was questionable to be kinsfolk time, but Billy Ray was likewise laboring with Miley,” the insider says. “The kids uncomprehensible him, too. They complain, ‘It’s Miley, Miley, Miley, every the time. What most us?’ They see same they don’t modify subsist in their ascendant and sister’s world.”

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner may be appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, but that doesn't mean show host Russell Brand knows a thing about Twilight.


When I caught up with Brand earlier today during VMA rehearsals at Radio City Music Hall, he made no apologies for not being able to tell me if he was Team Edward or Team Jacob...

"I don't know what those words mean," the British bad boy explained. "I am afraid I am not the demographic. I wish them both well, but I don't think I am their type of audience."

That doesn't mean Twilight won't get plenty of attention. "You just look at the landscape and see what's prevalent," Brand said. "It's pretty obvious what things are going to work and what things people are interested in."

Does that mean he's gunning for the Jonas Brothers again? Brand came under some serious criticism last year when he mocked the JoBros for their purity rings.

"If you'd have asked me last year, 'Is the script controversial?' I would've said no," Brand said. "So perhaps I am not the best barometer of what constitutes as controversial."

Meanwhile, the seating plan was coming along nicely this afternoon. Except there was no marker for Pattinson. I'm told producers haven't been told yet whether he will be sitting in the audience during the show.

Lautner and Stewart are definitely there. They're a seat apart from each other in the fifth row, as is Ashley Greene.

As our pals over at The Awful Truth stress, Robsten PDA at the VMAs is unlikely. However, we do suspect Pattinson will be slipping into one of those empty seats next to Stewart.

Something odd just happened, but definitely not something Aud. Sources tell me that Audrina Patridge has canceled her trip to New York and will no longer be presenting at the VMAs.

I'm told MTV wanted her and Kristin Cavallari to present together, but both said no thanks.

It's been a busy week for Audrina, and the cancellation may be related to her recent alleged stalker problems.

While there were some whispers that Kristin would now present with the cast of Audrina's new horror movie Sorority Row, I've been assured that is not happening.

Audrina's rep hasn't replied to a request for comment, but stay tuned for more details.

In happier reality news, there's a new promo for The Hills that features a solo Kristin and her new tagline writ large: "The Bitch Is Back."