The Tim Burton 3-D flick doesn't come out till spring 2010, but film fans now have their first look at Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen from the upcoming "Alice in Wonderland." The lead role of Alice will be played by 19-year-old unknown Mia Wasikowska from Australia.

Let’s take a look at another FTW moment of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton gets punched from behind by alleged Black Eyed Peas’ manager Polo Molina.
A photo of Perez Hilton getting punched surfaced on the internet but it doesn’t clearly show who really punched him. If you’ve seen the Perez Hilton assaulted video wherein Perez was very furious about what happened to him the past few days with the Black Eyed Peas group, you’d probably think that this guy is already over reacting. But legally he still filed a case against Polo Molina, the Black Eyed Peas manager who was arrested for assaulting Perez after the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto. Perez, in an interview, said that he does not believe in violence but he’s a victim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Duh! It’s just a matter of time before someone hits him again in the face.
Check out the must see hilarious photo of Perez Hilton getting punched after the jump. Ouch that should hurt!

Paula Abdul accidentally made a cameo as herself in Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy, "Bruno." And in a new interview with SIRIUS XM's "The Morning After With Angela Yee!," the "American Idol" judge revealed she found out about her involvement in the film quite some time after it was first filmed.

"A little over three weeks ago, my management sent over to me – 'US Weekly and People magazine and USA Today want to know about how it felt being pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen, AKA Bruno?' I went, 'I've never worked with Sacha Baron Cohen,'… So, they responded 'Paula's never worked with Sacha Baron Cohen,'" she told the morning show.

But after responding to the mags, Paula realized she made a mistake.

"Later on that night, I woke up… in a pool of sweat at two o'clock in the morning, going 'Ahhh!'" she recounted. "I ran to the Internet and I remembered, 'Oh my god, a year ago, they got me.' I had no idea it was Sacha Baron Cohen."

In the comedian's new movie, "Bruno," Paula was fooled into doing an interview with the fictional gay Austrian fashion journalist. And Paula explained how she was coaxed over for the shoot.

"I was told I got the Austrian/German 'Entertainer of the Year Award.' I thought 'Wow! That's pretty fantastic,'" she explained.

Paula said she went over to the furniture-less house where she was met by a "weird, tall, skinny, creepy looking dude" who was "dressed like Captain Nemo."

While there, he asked her to put on a suit and run and jump on a Velcro wall, which she declined to do. She did, however, crouch on some human furniture.

"He goes, 'Immigrants! Immigrants' and… these two Mexican gardeners come into the house," Paula recounted. "He tells them to drop on all fours and for me to sit down on them. I said, 'I'm not gonna do that!' and he goes, 'Just sit!' I was literally holding my own weight."

Paula eventually stood up to Bruno and got herself out of there. And unlike some who have filed lawsuits against the British comedian, Paula bares no ill will.

"I think it's hysterical," she said.