Let’s take a look at another FTW moment of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton gets punched from behind by alleged Black Eyed Peas’ manager Polo Molina.
A photo of Perez Hilton getting punched surfaced on the internet but it doesn’t clearly show who really punched him. If you’ve seen the Perez Hilton assaulted video wherein Perez was very furious about what happened to him the past few days with the Black Eyed Peas group, you’d probably think that this guy is already over reacting. But legally he still filed a case against Polo Molina, the Black Eyed Peas manager who was arrested for assaulting Perez after the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto. Perez, in an interview, said that he does not believe in violence but he’s a victim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Duh! It’s just a matter of time before someone hits him again in the face.
Check out the must see hilarious photo of Perez Hilton getting punched after the jump. Ouch that should hurt!