Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend and baby daddy, is in stable condition after a terrible car crash early Sunday morning.

The 19-year-old Aldridge was driving in his Ford F-150 truck around 1:30 a.m. when he apparently lost control. He and two male friends were returning home from a fishing trip.

According to reports, Aldridge cracked his skull. One pal suffered a broken collarbone.

Sheriff officials in Tensas Parish, La., said that a single-car crash occurred in their area, however, they would not provide any further information. Meanwhile, a representative at Riverland Medical Facility in Ferriday, La., confirmed that Aldridge was treated earlier at their facility, but that "he is not here now."

Spears, 18, has been spotted at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where Aldridge has presumably been transferred.

The couple, who are engaged to be married but haven't set a date, have a 10-month-old daughter, Maddie.

Showbiz Gossip Information GatewayDespite her big-screen penchant for revealing all, Sharon Stone apparently still feels the need to keep some things on the down-low. Her court records, for example.

A lawsuit filed against the actress was made public today after the court was unable to justify the national security-like levels of secrecy employed to hide the case's very existence.

The suit brought in November by attorney William P. Jacobson over $107,000 in disputed fees was eventually settled, but not before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis ordered the whole shebang sealed. That meant no record of the case was made available to either the public or court staff.

The Stone affair would likely have entered the court archive undetected, were it not for a reported for the Los Angeles-based City News Service, who stumbled upon the Stone case while covering an unrelated court proceeding. Soon after, other media outlets clamored for full disclosure.

As a result of the demands, Duffy-Lewis released two documents to the public—one, the order to seal the case's documents, and the other a mailing label bearing the note "conditionally under seal"—which only further fueled calls for the complete unsealing.

Stone has yet to comment on the unsealing.

Samantha Ronson needs to step up the sneakiness if she wants to avoid drive-of-shame shots like this outside Lindsay Lohan's house.

The DJ booked it out of Lohan's place at 6am on Friday morning.

Like a moth to a flame ...